2015 Shake Out Run

Store Events

We are so excited to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new store location. We have been preparing for many many months now and definitely have grown as a team! Along with the excitement of our new additional store location, the 2015 Nike Women’s Half Marathon is taking place this weekend. Our training program has been preparing this whole season and the big race is finally approaching.

We have a lot to celebrate.


So in honor of this huge weekend, we are holding a Shake Out Run to invite the public to join in on the party! Here you will be with able to join other Bay Area runners and take advantage of all the new perks our SOMA location has to offer.


If you are signed up for the race this weekend, you are able to meet with our training program coaches to hear all exclusive insider details about what is to be expected.

If you are here just to visit the store, free bags of Philz Coffee Beans and a chance to meet new running buddies will be awaiting.

In any case, you will be able to see the new store that is three times the size of our Chestnut Street location!! New product is up like Under Armour and Oiselle apparel, we have lockers for people to store their things after work when they want to go for an evening run and an interactive map where you can share your favorite running routes around the city.


The event is free and open to the public. All you need to do is RSVP at the link. Along with this, is a complimentary bag of specialized Philz coffee beans.


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